Kirby House
   November 19, 2017   


Italian Linguini Arrabiata  13
garlic, crushed red pepper, fresh basil, marinated tomatoes, vegetable broth, red pepper butter, romano cheese

Drunken Noodles  15
rice noodles, sweet potato, bok choy, napa cabbage, local organic mushrooms, bell peppers, pea pods, peanuts, carrots, basil, ginger, lemongrass & roasted garlic broth, sesame seeds. add: grilled herb chicken 4/grilled salmon 9/ garlic shrimp 9/grilled tuna steak 8
this item is gluten free

Add To Any Noodle Dish 
grilled herb chicken 4 grilled tuna steak 8 garlic shrimp 9 grilled salmon* 9
this item is gluten free

Cavatappi & Cheese  13
cavatappi pasta, creamy blend of emmental, white cheddar, pecorino, romano, toasted romano breadcrumbs roasted tomato pesto, scallions

Kirby House music
Trapped On Mars

November 19, 2017
all the hits

Kirby House Special
Oregon Dreamchild

December 15, 2017
80s to current

Kirby House Special
Azz Izz Band

December 1, 2017
old and new school r&b dance hits

Kirby House Special
Drop 35

December 23, 2017
West Michigan's best party band with great male an...

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