Rose's Express
   November 15, 2018   


Wasabi Soy Hummus  8.25
fresh baguette, wasabi, edamame

Garlic Bread  5
garlic-herb butter, garlic confit, fresh baguette

Cheese Breadsticks  6.5
garlic oil, parmesean, mozzorella mix, housemade marinara.

Baked Goat Cheese & Root Chips  8.5
goat cheese spread, rose's classic root chips, basil pesto

Tomato Bruschetta  8
shaved parmesean, balsamic reduction, marinated cherry tomatoes, fresh baguette bread.

childrens menu

Super Kids Pasta  4.95
marinated cherry tomato, spinach, roasted portobellas, beets.

Turkey Sandwich  4.95
turkey, farm country white cheddar, organic greens, sibilini pita

Angel Hair Pasta  4.95

Cheesy Penne  4.95
farm country white cheddar sauce

Kids Pizza  4.95
six inch pizza, red sauce, cheese, one topping

Grilled Cheese  4.95
grilled sourdough, farm country white cheddar


Chocolate Truffle Tort  4.95
flourless chocolate cake

Chocolate Chunk Cookie  1.60

Caramel Corn  2.5
famous rose's caramel corn

Torta Della Nona - Italian Lemon Tort  4.25

dinner combo

four cheese baked ziti & meatball combos, cheese pizza combos,

Dinner #1 For 2  15.95
1-cheese pizza, cheesy breadsticks, marinara, 1-large caesar salad

Dinner #1 For 4  27.95
2-cheese pizzas, cheesy breadsticks, marinara, 2-large caesar salads

Dinner #2 For 2  21.95
1-four cheese baked ziti, meatballs, cheesy breadsticks, 1-large caesar salad

Dinner #2 For 4  35.95
2 four cheese baked ziti, meatballs, cheesy breadsticks, 2 large caesar salads


add garlic bread or breadsticks 2.45

Parmesean Chicken  14.95
asparagus, tomatoe pepper sauce. roasted fingerling potatoes

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon  16.95
roasted fingerling potatoes, asparagus, marinated cherry tomatoes, sage butter and lemon

Vegan Risotto  11.95
seared spinach, artichokes, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, garlic-herbed risotto

Stout Braised Pot Roast  14.95
roasted fingerling potatoes, grilled asparagus, fresh herbs, braised in a different stout each batch!

Pan-Roasted Chicken  12.95
french cut organic chicken breast, garlic-herb butter, roasted fingerling potatoes, grilled asparagus.

lunch specials

11am - 4pm

Cheese Pizza  4
wood fired

One Topping Pizza  5
wood fired

Small Caesar  4

Small Greens Salad  3

Lunch Combo 1  7
half curry chicken salad with a cup of soup

Lunch Combo 2  7
small organic greens salad or small caesar salad with a cup of soup


gluten free pasta available upon request, add to pasta:, chicken - 3.25, sockeye salmon - 9, shrimp - 4.25

Spaghetti Squash Carbonara  10.5
proscuitto, sun-dried tomatoes, classic carbonara sauce, shaved parmesean and fresh herbs

Potato Gnocchi & Braised Pork  14.95
charred red cabbage, shredded pork, goat cheese, fresh herbs, potato gnocchi in a browned butter pan sauce.

Spagetti And Meatballs  11.5
handrolled meatballs, housemade marinara, shaved parmesean, fresh herbs.

Four Cheese Baked Ziti And Meatballs  14.95
penne pasta, four handmade meatballs, provolone, fresh mozzerella, house made marinara, herbs.

Super Veggie Linguine  10.95
whole wheat linguine, baby spinach, miso roasted cauliflower, portobella mushrooms, marinated cherry tomatoes, kale pesto, fresh herbs.

Pesto Penne  12.5
grilled chicken, portobella mushrooms, asparagus, sundried tomatoes, light basil pesto creme sauce, penne pasta, shaved parmesean

Garlic Shrimp Linguine  15.95
sauteed fennel, citrus-dill relish, white wine pan sauce.


add to salads:, chicken - 3.25, sockeye salmon - 9, shrimp - 4.25

Add Salmon Filet  4.5
wild-caught alaskan sockeye salmon (6oz filet)
this item is gluten free

Add Shrimp  4.25
3 large garlic-butter glazed shrimp

Add Chicken  3.5
grilled chicken breast

Classic Ceaser  6/8
shaved parmesean, crispy romaine, croutons, ceaser dressing

Chopped   9
turkey, applewood smoked bacon, romaine, tomatoes, dried cherrys, red onions, gorgonzola blue cheese, poppyseed vin.

Rose's Peasant  7/9
organic greens, tomatoes, artichokes, kalamata olives, marinated roasted red peppers, onions, feta cheese, red wine vin.

Rose's Spinach   7/9
baby spoon spinach, shaved red onions, spiced walnuts, dried cherrys, gorgonzola blue cheese, balsamic vin.

Kale And Mixed Greens  9
fresh curly kale, organic greens, red onions, marinated tomatoes, shaved parmesean, ceaser dressing

Organic Greens  6/8
diced roma tomatoes, hothouse cucumbers, shaved parmesean, garlic croutons, balsamic vin.


add mcclure's detroit potato chips - 2

BBLT  9.5
beets, bacon, organic greens, roma tomatoes, goat cheese, avocado mayo

Veggie Wrap  8.95
miso-roasted cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, dressed organic greens, edamame hummus, whole wheat wrap

Chicken Bruschetta Wrap  10.5
grilled marinated chicken, marinated tomatoes, shaved parmesean, organic greens, balsamic reduction, whole wheat wrap

Ribeye Sandwich  10.5
shaved ribeye, sauteed red onions, baby-bella mushrooms, spinach, black-pepper horseradish mayo, white cheddar, swiss oval bread

Barbecue Pork Sandwich  10.95
housemade barbecue sauce, white cheddar, honey-apple slaw, ciabatta

Turkey Club  8.95
roast turkey, smoked bacon, organic greens, red onions, roma tomatoes, white cheddar, avocado mayo, vans bakery cinnimon rasin bread.

Blackend Sockeye Salmon Roll-up  11.95
organic greens, whole wheat wrap, marinated roasted red peppers, citrus-dill relish

Curry Chicken Salad Roll-up  8.5
dried cherrys, onion, organic greens, whole wheat wrap


wood fired pizzas

gluten free crust 5

Bruschetta Chicken  13.5
grilled chicken, marinated cherry tomatoes, whipped feta, mozzarella-provolone blend, balsamic reduction, herb oil, fresh basil

Sausage And Goat Cheese  12.95
carmelized onion, roasted portobellas, italian sausage, goat cheese, mozzarella mix, herb oil

Toppings  1 each
italian sausage, pepperoni, grilled chicken, salami, smoked ham, applewood smoked bacon, mushrooms, red onion, green peppers, marinated red peppers, jalapeno peppers, baby spinach, green olives, kalamata olives, fresh tomato, sun dried tomato, marinated tomato, roasted portobella, roasted garlic, pineapple, artichokes, fresh basil, fresh herb blend, feta, goat cheese, gorgonzola, fresh mozzarella, extra cheese.

Build Your Own Pizza  7.99
choice of sauce: classic red sauce, herb oil, pesto, barbecue. toppings, and mozzarella-provolone blend. (toppings $1 each)

Roses Classic Vegetable  12.99
fresh asparagus, artichokes, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, mozzarella mix

Roses Pesto Chicken  13.25
chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, ricotta, fresh mozzarella, smoked provolone, pesto

Roses Barbecue Chicken  13.5
chicken, applewood smoked bacon, fresh tomatoes, smoked provolone, red onions, barbecue sauce

Margherita  11.99
roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, mozzarella mix, herb oil

Express Special  13.95
italian sausage, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, gorgonzola, mozzarella mix, herb oil

Americana  13.5
pepperoni, italian sausage, red onions, green peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella mix, red sauce

Wealthy Street  12.5
marinated tomatoes, spinach, italian sausage, fresh mozzarella, mozzarella mix, herb oil

Four Cheese  12.5
red sauce, fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, feta, provolone-mozzarella mix

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